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Olie M. Ericksen, Inc.  began dealing with Portec RMC Division in the late 1970's. At that time we only sold RMC Jet Engine parts, by the early 1980's we were rebuilding jet engines for RMC. The last several years RMC was involved with jet snow blowers we did all their jet work. Portec RMC sold the jet snow blower product line to Fairmont Tamper; they shipped the jet inventory to us for storage, repair and shipment as needed. For several years we did all of their work; Fairmont Tamper then decided to sell us their entire jet inventory and refer all jet work to Olie M. Ericksen, Inc.

It is our experience that it costs 2/3 or less to build an engine, rather than replacing the engine. All engines are completely inspected and all damaged parts replaced. Rebuilding engines today insures engine availability in the foreseeable future. Most engines that are earmarked for scrap still contain over 67% usable parts.      Our rebuild capabilities include the jets J-34, J-35, J-47, J-52, J-57, J-79 and most engines as they come on the market.

Olie M. Ericksen, Inc. produces a fuel control system that incorporates an automatic overheat shutdown system. Our fuel control system will give faster, smoother and safer start of your turbine engine.

We have developed a 12-volt starting system which eliminates costly ignition packs and igniter plugs. This system will work off the existing diesel 12-volt system. Every rebuilt engine is run on a test stand before delivery. All rebuilt engines are warranted for one year. Pick up and delivery can be arranged within a 600-mile radius of our plant on an overnight basis. We also have training available to your mechanics, foreman and operators.

Also, Olie M. Ericksen, Inc. can refurbish your jet snow blower including sand blasting, painting, rewiring and hydraulic and frame repairs.

At most times, we have refurbished jet snow blowers ready for SALE.









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